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PSDLE is a JavaScript... something.
It does a lot of great things to enhance the download list.
For more information on how to actually use it, visit the website.

Have you read the Enhanced Filtering page to fully utilize PSDLE's filtering options?

Why JavaScript?

  • Portable
    • Anything that can access the store and execute JavaScript will most likely be able to run PSDLE.
    • Theoretically the consoles themselves too, if they could access the store from their respective browsers.
  • Scalable
    • The Userscript (Greasemonkey/etc), Chrome extension, and Firefox Add-on use the same base code.
  • Web-oriented
    • Leveraging jQuery and the store's environment makes everything easy.
    • There's less of a security risk since PSDLE does not need login info or unfamiliar web browsers/programs.

Some Personal Coding Restrictions

  • No data is stored, as cookies or local storage.
    • This may change in the future as users are requesting for saving settings.
      • If it does, it will definitely be done with local storage.
  • No external resource/URL fetching.
    • Only use resources provided by the store.

These are quality of life for and against users. What is lacked in exciting features is made up for in peace of mind knowing PSDLE does its thing while not compromising itself.