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ReconOS in a Nutshell

ReconOS is a programming model, an execution environment, an operating system
extension, a hardware architecture, a research project, and a development

Originally developed within the context of a university research project and a
PhD thesis, ReconOS is a way to bring some of the convenience of a software-like
programming model to the detail-ridden world of dynamically reconfigurable
hardware design. With ReconOS, you can model a concurrent application for
reconfigurable systems-on-chip (rSoC) using both software and hardware threads.
The interactions between all threads are handled through common POSIX-like
abstractions such as mailboxes, semaphores, or shared memory, hiding the
complexities of bus access protocols, memory spaces, register files and
interrupt handling.

Getting Started: ReconOS is under continuous development and is being used in
several research projects with both academic and industrial partners. We welcome
all forms of contribution and are actively seeking users and developers
interested in integrating reconfigurable logic and software-based operating

For guides and other resources pertaining to the use and/or development of
ReconOS and instructions on how to download ReconOS and participate in its
development, please refer to our development mailing list [1]. An archive is
also available under [2].

If you find a bug or problem in ReconOS, please use the issue tracker [3] 
here on github to report it. If you would like to improve ReconOS, grab an 
item on the ToDO list in the projects tab [4] and start coding! :-)

The latest development version of ReconOS can be retrieved through Git via

  git clone --recursive git://

Happy hacking!



ReconOS - Operating System for Reconfigurable Hardware




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