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The Lexicon of Rome

Carthage compatible Build Status


I was working on a project, and we were at the point where we needed to pick a name.
Of course, we had to look through the latin dictionary.
I went to the App Store to download a legit Latin Dictionary app.
They all sucked.

Rome deserves better.


I'll be honest here. I just feel like creating dope shit. There is no business justification, or perhaps there is no real problem, except that I have a creative itch, and I need to scratch it.


Classic with a modern feel.
Useful, but not verbose.
Embellished, but not overdone.
Clean, but not sterile.


We not only want to know what a word's definition is, but we also want to know:

  • Word of the day. Something to keep it fresh.
  • The Top 10 Google results of the word. See how the word is being used today.
  • Any images associated with the word.
  • If the word is being used by a company. You probably wouldn't want to use it for a Business Name.
  • If the word is used in popular culture (Movies, Music, etc)


Looking up a word

I was reading a book in Latin
Saw a word I didn't know
Paused for a second, annoyed
Decided it was better to look it up
I wanted a complete understanding
Opened my Latin Dictionary
Then I remembered that I did not have one
Even more annoyed now
Unlocked my phone
Thankful for the fingerprint unlock
Scour the App Store for a couple of digital dictionaries
Open up the first one
Annoying ad prevents usage
Try the next one
It is even worse
They all sucked
Crisis turned to opportunity
Project Lexis born


Language is meaning
Humans make Language
So Humans make meaning
Meaning is created
Not found

The definition of Life
Is that which cannot be defined
For to be defined
Is to fit in the mind
And that which is Divine
Eludes our sense of time