The loader code needed to instantiate any Redux extension.
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The loader code needed to instantiate any Redux extension. To load any Redux extension, you need but do two things:

  • Inside loader.php change {$redux_opt_name} to match your opt_name or set $redux_opt_name to your opt_name and make sure it's accessible by loader.php.
  • Change the function name and hook reference of redux_register_custom_extension_loader as not to conflict with another developer's code.

Then place any extension folder within ~/extensions.

Depending on the extension you may also need to load a config file of some type to declare the options for that extension.

Make sure this is included before you declare your Redux Framework object.

Because of WordPress hooks you need to include this before you create your ReduxFramework instance. It has to do with hooks. Just load this loader and your config settings prior to creating that object.

Note: DO NOT place extensions within ~/ReduxCore/Extensions

If you do so any other plugin could override your extensions and they would be inaccessible by your code.