Chromium / Puppeteer site crawler
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Chromium / Puppeteer site crawler

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This crawler does a BFS starting from a given site entry point. It will not leave the entry point domain and it will not crawl a page more than once. Given a shared redis host/cluster this crawler can be distributed across multiple machines or processes. Discovered pages will be stored in mongo collection, each with a url, outbound urls, and a radius from the origin.





./crawl -u


# Terminal 1
./crawl -u
# Terminal 2
./crawl -r


DEBUG=crawler:* ./crawl -u


  • --maxRadius or -m the maximum link depth the crawler will explore from the entry url.
  • --resume or -r to resume crawling after prematurely exiting a process or to add additional crawlers to an existing crawl.
  • --url or -u the entry point URL to kick the crawler off.