An attempt to gather SQL scripts from my website
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An attempt to place some scripts from my website under source control.


A small package used to write blobs to a file and read files into blob.


A small package that can create simple bitmaps drawn unto a blob.


A package to find out when certain dates were. Currently only supporting Easter and dates fixed in their relation to Easter.


A cmd.exe bat file (named go.bat) that creates an oracle instance and a database and installs the data dictionary. The idea is to be able to set various settings (such as instance name or database name in the script and then let the script use these settings)


A package intended to be a wrapper for dbms_debug.


A package to find information about tables. (Primary keys, column-comments etc). This package is used for the script /sqlpath/desc.sql


A mechanism to make it possible to select * from <filename> within SQL*Plus


A skeleton for the ODCITable* functions to select from dynamic tables (that is: tables with a varying number of columns).


A package that uses the all_identifiers view to trace function-dependencies in PL/SQL source code.


A package that uses /desc_table to draw ERDs with graphviz/neato.


A package for operations on strings (varchar2).


The folder sqlpath contains scripts that are supposed to be called from SQL*Plus. Therefore, they should go to a directory that the environement variable SQLPATH points to. Usually the login.sql script goes there, too.


A package that 'snaps' v$sqlarea in order to compare it later with the newer values in v$sqlarea. Can be used to find SQL statements with high executions, cpu_elapsed time or block gets. The package comes with /sqlpath/sqlsnaps.sql and /sqlpath/sqlsnape.sql


A package to read previously dumped trace file (such as those created by the 10046 event)