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Research Object Crate (RO-Crate)

This is the GitHub repository for contributing to the Research Object Crate specification.

The docs/ folder has the MarkDown content that is rendered to by GitHub pages. Alias (note, no https) redirects.

Feel free to use other folders for non-web content, e.g. examples, JSON-LD contexts, test scripts.


This repository is coordinated by the RO-Crate team.

To suggest changes, improvements or issues, use the GitHub repository - if you are new to GitHub or Open Source you may appreciate the GitHub guides like Hello World, MarkDown and How to contribute to open source

You are welcome to join us!

Contributors are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct to ensure an open and inclusive environment.


The specification and documentation maintained in this repository is Open Source and licensed as Apache License, version 2.0, see for details.

Any contributions received are assumed to be covered by the Apache License 2.0.

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