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The firmware and documents(resume 3D printings from any printed layer automatically)
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Resumer 3D , kickstarter,hackaday

Resume your interrupted 3D prints from any printed layer automatically. possible causes:tangle/filament break; nozzle jam; power outage. compatible with marlin firmware based 3D printer, printing with SD card. we can rescue a failed 3D print job automatically by press the OK button .

Where can I get a resumer 3D ?


How Resumer 3D Works


download here:

3D Printer Compatibility with Resumer 3D

Manufacturer Model Resumer 3D
Creality 3D All Models Compatible
Anycubic i3 Mega Compatible
Geeetech Prusa i3 ProB, MeCreator2 Compatible
Anet All Models Compatible
Wanhao i3 Compatible, Testing
CTC i3 Compatible
JGAURORA A3 Compatible
BQ Witbox and Witbox 2 Compatible, Testing
BQ Hephestos, Hephestos 2, and Prusa i3 Compatible, Testing
Snapmaker Snapmaker 3D printer Compatible, Tested
Tevo All Models Compatible, Testing
Ultimaker Ultimaker /Ultimaker 2 (all models) Compatible, Testing
Tronxy X3 X5s testing
REPRAPGURU Prusa i3 Compatible
Hypercube testing
Rigidbot testing
Original i3 testing
Lulzbot testing
M3D testing
MOOZ testing
Rigidbot testing
Robo C2 R1+ R2 plus testing
Stacker 500S testing
Voron 2 testing
Xl printer testing
Monoprice Incompatiable

Don't see your 3D Printer?

That's ok, it may still be compatible!If you know your 3D printer's firmware: You can check compatibility here:

firmware USB chip
Marlin FT232/PL2303/CP2102/FT232/CH340/CH341/Atmega16u2/Atmega32u2
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