Mira HEN 5.05 PS4 Fast developed firmware just for the basic injection
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retrogamerfirmv5.bin FirmwareV5 5.05 Chip ESP8266 May 30, 2018
retrogamerfirmv5_1.1.bin FirmwareV5 v1.1 5.05 Chip ESP8266 May 30, 2018
retrogamerfirmv5_1.2.bin PS4 FirmwareV5 v1.2 5.05 ESP8266 Jun 1, 2018


PS4 Hack 5.05 FirmwareV5 v1.2 ESP8266 Chip

PS4ADMIN 5.05 - FirmwareV5 Chip ESP8266

Updated release including PS4ADMIN. Give time to the CHIP to link WiFi with your PS4 and be ready to load the page. It could fail the first time if you don't provide enough time. You will get then a blank page.

This Release contains Hen as HomeBrew Enabled Exploit, FTP Payload, Dumper Payload, Update Blocker Payload, AppToUSB, DB-SG_Backup, Enable PSN Plus Games, Undo Enable PSN Plus Games. Review the different menus to find each payload entry. ( Mira CFW has been removed by the way because of bugs )

Download the file retrogamerfirmv5_1.1.bin

Spanish Installation Instructions

Usar retrogamerfirmv5_1.2.bin

Instalar haciendo uso del flasheador.

Puedes utilizar este instalador que te dejo aquí para versiones Windows x86, Windows x86_64, y MacOSX.


Una vez en PS4:

Ajustes -> Configuración de Red.

Elegir la opción Personalizada.

Seleccionar la red PS4Wifi. ( No requiere contraseña )

Obtener dirección IP -> Automático

En Dirección DNS, Ajustar los valores de DNS Primario y Secundario a:

Continuar con los valores por defecto hasta completar la configuración de red.

Por último ir a la Guía de Usuario y esperar a que cargue la web desde el dispositivo ESP8266

English Installation Instructions

Use retrogamerfirmv5_1.2.bin if you want firmware in english language.

Flash ESP8266 firmware using next flasher.

You can flash the firmware using Windows x86, Windows x86_64, or MacOSX.


Once running PS4:

Settings -> Networking setup.

Choose option Customized.

Select WiFi network identified by PS4Wifi. ( Password not required )

Select Automatic IP.

DNS IP, Set values for Primary and Secondary DNS to:

Set next options to their default values, until you reach the end of the networking setup.

Finally go to the Users Guide, in the Settings. The website installed into ESP8266 firmware will be shown.


qwertyoruiop, specter dev, flatz

Al Azif GitHub:https://github.com/Al-Azif/ps4-exploit-host

APPtoUSB v15: https://github.com/stooged/AppToUsb-455

DB-SG Backup: https://github.com/stooged/DB_SG_Backup

Dumper-XVortex v1.7: https://github.com/xvortex/ps4-dumper-vtx

FTP-XVortex v1.2: https://github.com/xvortex/ps4-ftp-vtx

HEN-XVortex v1.4: https://github.com/xvortex/ps4-hen-vtx

HEN-VR: https://github.com/stooged/Enable_VR

Enable Browser: https://www.psxhax.com/threads/ps4brew-4-55-full-ps4-jailbreak-4-55-debug-settings-payload-ports.4568

PKG2USB v1: https://github.com/CelesteBlue-dev/ps4-pkg2usb

Original (Port 9020): https://github.com/Cryptogenic/PS4-4.55-Kernel-Exploit

Update Blocker: https://github.com/LightningMods/PS4-4.55-Update-Blocker-HEN

Uninstall Update Blocker: https://github.com/LightningMods/PS4-4.55-Update-Blocker-HEN

MiraCFW - MiraProject 5.05: https://github.com/OpenOrbis/openorbis-sdk