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Ripa is a next generation crypto-currency and decentralized application platform, written entirely in JavaScript. For more information please refer to our website:

The Token Exchange Campaign is up at

This version is still alpha, use at your own risks

Install, Upgrade etc...

You need to provision a linux (ubuntu tested) server (digital ocean, vultur or other).

Then use the excellent ripa-commander script

chmod 700 ~/

For developers, please read below in section "Developer Installation"


This is a fork from Lisk with the following features:

  • Removed sidechains (deprecated in favor of smartbridge)
  • Removed custom node version
  • Removed UI for stability and security reasons
  • Changed some constants (block rewards, blocktime etc...)
  • Added simple PBFT before forging new block
  • Ditch addresses from the protocol in favor of bitcoin like system, enabling HD Wallet as for BIP32
  • Completely rewritten node management using a single NodeManager and messaging system
  • Completely rewritten round management (removed mem_round, reward block fees to forger)
  • Added 64 bytes vendorField as first iteration of smart bridge
  • Made peers management entirely in-memory for efficiency
  • Strengthened the transaction management and broadcast (reject often, reject soon)
  • Rearchitect with relay nodes and forging nodes
  • Nodes broadcast only block headers.

### Planned features:

  • Simple blockchain validation for SPV and use in lite clients
  • Add IPFS as first class citizen (using smartbridge addressing)
  • Protocol improvements (uncle forging, voting weights).
  • Remove unsecured API
  • Routing tables

### Performance

  • stable on testnet at 5tx/s
  • pushed to 10tx/s on devnet

Developer Installation

Install essentials:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y curl build-essential python git

Install PostgreSQL (min version: 9.5.2)

sudo apt-get install -y postgresql postgresql-contrib libpq-dev
sudo -u postgres createuser --createdb --pwprompt $USER
createdb ripa_mainnet

Install Node.js (tested with version 6.9.2, but any recent LTS release should do):

sudo apt-get install -y npm nodejs
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n 8.10.0

Install grunt-cli and forever(globally):

sudo npm install grunt-cli -g
sudo npm install forever -g

Clone this repository

git clone
cd ripa-node

Install node modules:

npm install libpq secp256k1
npm install

Launch with forever


forever start app.js

Watch log

tail -f logs/ripa.log

Launch with forever - DevNET -


forever start app.js --config config.devnet.json --genesis genesisBlock.devnet.json

Watch log

tail -f logs/ripa.log

Launch from command line

To launch ripa on mainnet:

createdb ripa_mainnet
node run start:mainnet

NOTE: The port, address, genesis block and config-path can be overridden by providing the relevant command switch:

node app.js -p [port] -a [address] -c [config-path] -g [genesisBlock-path]

This allow you to run several different networks, or your own private chain

Launch your own private or public chain

Generate a genesisBlock.json + a default config.json containing all passphrases of genesis delegates

node tasks/createGenesisBlock.js

You can find generated files in tasks/

  • genesisBlock.json
  • config.json
  • delegatesPassphrases.json (containing details about the genesis delegates)
  • genesisPassphrase.json (containing the details of account having all premined ripas)

Obviously you can hack away tasks/createGenesisBlock.js for your own custom use.

You can the start with your own chain on a single node (all delegates will forge on your single node) using:

createdb ripa_newtest
npm run start:newtest

Then you can distribute the config.json (without the delegates secrets inside, and with custom peers settings) to peers to let them join your chain


Load git submodule ripa-js:

git submodule init
git submodule update

You should run using test configurations

npm run start:test

Run the test suite:

npm test

Run individual tests:

npm test -- test/api/accounts.js
npm test -- test/api/transactions.js

NOTE: The master passphrase for this test genesis block is as follows:

peace vanish bleak box tuna woman rally manage undo royal lucky since



RIPAEX is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


💸 CryptoCurrency for all




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