Auth0 provider for the OAuth 2.0 Client
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Auth0 Provider for OAuth 2.0 Client

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This package provides Auth0 OAuth 2.0 support for the PHP League's OAuth 2.0 Client.


To install, use composer:

composer require riskio/oauth2-auth0


Usage is the same as The League's OAuth client, using Riskio\OAuth2\Client\Provider\Auth0 as the provider.

Authorization Code Flow

$provider = new Riskio\OAuth2\Client\Provider\Auth0([
    'account'      => '{account}',
    'clientId'     => '{auth0-client-id}',
    'clientSecret' => '{auth0-client-secret}',
    'redirectUri'  => ''

if (!isset($_GET['code'])) {

    // If we don't have an authorization code then get one
    $authUrl = $provider->getAuthorizationUrl();
    $_SESSION['oauth2state'] = $provider->state;
    header('Location: ' . $authUrl);

// Check given state against previously stored one to mitigate CSRF attack
} elseif (empty($_GET['state']) || ($_GET['state'] !== $_SESSION['oauth2state'])) {

    exit('Invalid state');

} else {

    // Try to get an access token (using the authorization code grant)
    $token = $provider->getAccessToken('authorization_code', [
        'code' => $_GET['code']

    // Optional: Now you have a token you can look up a users profile data
    try {

        // We got an access token, let's now get the user's details
        $user = $provider->getResourceOwner($token);

        // Use these details to create a new profile
        printf('Hello %s!', $user->getName());

    } catch (Exception $e) {

        // Failed to get user details
        exit('Oh dear...');

    // Use this to interact with an API on the users behalf
    echo $token->getToken();

Refreshing a Token

Auth0's OAuth implementation does not use refresh tokens.