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Mixed Team Communication protocol
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Mixed Team Communication protocol

TODO: Introduction





Design Principles


Running the example

To compile the example, check out the project and type make. Next, start the created mitecom binary. It requires 4 parameters: the local port to use, the port to broadcast to, the ID of the robot and the ID of the team. You need to start at least two instances.

If you have multiple computers, just run ./mitecom 12321 12321 X 1 (replace X with individual robot IDs on each computer). If you only have one computer, you can swap ports by running

./mitecom 12321 12345 1 1

in one terminal and

./mitecom 12345 12321 2 1

in another.



File Overview

The following files are provided:

mitecom-data.h         Contains the definition of data structures and enums
mitecom-handler.*      De/serializing functions

mitecom-network.*      Example network handling code
mitecom-roledecider.*  Example (common) logic to decide a role
mitecom-main.cpp       Example main function demonstrating the functionality

To adapt the protocol, you need at least mitecom-data.h and mitecom-handler.*. The other functionality may already be available in your framework, alternatively you can use the logic from the example code (network, main).

Related Works



We welcome contributions to this project.


This project was sponsored under a project grant of the RoboCup Federation.

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