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2020 RoboCup@Home Team Description Paper Template

A Team Description Paper (hereinafter referred as TDP) is an 8-pages long scientific paper, detailing information on the technical and scientific approach of the team's research.

TDPs shall use the Springer LNAI format used in the RoboCup Symposium submissions, and has a hard limit of 8 pages including references.

Year License


Contributions to enhancing this template (e.g. typos, grammatical errors, etc.) are always welcome either as issues or pull requests.


A complete instalation of LaTeX is all that is required to build the template. However, we strongly suggest to install cmake, git, and rubber as well to ease the building. Git is required to clone the repository. Rubber is a useful tool to build LaTeX projects easily. CMake is required only for convenience.

The bash instructions below will install all prerrequisites in an Ubuntu-based system.

sudo apt-get install texlive-full rubber build-essential


Clone this repo to your local machine using

git clone