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Cyberpunk Neon Themes for KDE Plasma, GTK, Telegram and Tilix
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Cyberpunk Neon Themes and icons for KDE Plasma, GTK, Telegram, Tilix, Vim, Zim and more.

Cyberpunk Neon theme in action 1 Cyberpunk Neon theme in action 2 Cyberpunk Neon theme in action 3


Cyberpunk Neon color scheme is a cyberpunk/outrun color scheme based on the Cyberpunk Neon Color Palette

Special thanks to all those who created the base themes, pictures and tools I used to make this. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

How to apply

First, clone this repository with git

git clone

And cd into the directory

cd Cyberpunk-Neon


There are 3 GTK variants inside the gtk folder. The one originally made for this theme was the Materia variant, but you can also install the Numix variant or the Arc Variant.

Extract Materia-Cyberpunk-Neon.tar.gz into ~/.themes/

tar xzf gtk/Materia-Cyberpunk-Neon.tar.gz -C ~/.themes/

An apply the theme via settings (in KDE = Settings -> Appearance - Application Style)

Note: You can also edit the theme with oomox with the oomox configuration file provided in this repository.


You can use the KDE color scheme with any theme, as long as they are not kvantum themes. For consistency is better to install Materia-Dark for KDE (or any of the QT versions of the GTK variants) to fit with gtk theme.

Next you have to copy CyberpunkNeon.colors to ~/.local/share/color-schemes

cp CyberpunkNeon.colors ~/.local/share/color-schemes

Now change the color scheme in Settings -> Appearance -> Color. Don't forget to also change Workspace Theme to Breeze if you want the system to follow the Color Scheme.


I recommend to use gusbemacbe's Suru++ icons (papirus-like) or Suru++ Asprómauros (monochrome, gradient if wished) which includes a Cyberpunk-Neon variant. Refer to the Suru++ Wiki for more info.

Alternatively you can use the script included in this repository WARNING: It will replace your existing Papirus icons, if any. Refer to Papirus Kolorizer repo for more info.

chmod +x

Apply the icons (Papirus-Dark) in system settings (KDE = Settings -> Appearance- Icons. Apply icons for GTK applications too in Settings -> Appearance - Application Style).


The official theme of Cyberpunk Neon is available in Firefox Addons (created by Thomas Leon Highbaugh).


The terminal i'm using is called Tilix. You can import my color scheme copying Cyberpunk-Neon.json into ~/.config/tilix/schemes

cp Cyberpunk-Neon.json ~/.config/tilix/schemes

Select it in Settings -> Profile -> Color


Although you can use Vim with the default terminal colors, I've created a Vim theme to better fits my needs. You need to copy cyberpunkneon.vim to ~/.vim/colors

cp cyberpunkneon.vim ~/.vim/colors

And then apply the theme in your .vimrc

colorscheme cyberpunkneon

You can also modify and generate the theme easily with the rnb.erb file in the Resources folder.


Those cool prompts I have are a ZSH theme. Assuming you already installed ZSH and the powerlevel9k theme for it, you only have to copy the contents of my powerlevel9k file into your ~/.zsh


If you use Zim you can copy my style.conf into ~./config/zim

cp style.conf ~./config/zim/


Just drop the cyberpunk-neon.tdesktop-theme into the chat and open it.

CSS Themes

I've applied the Cyberpunk-Neon color scheme to some websites. You cand found the CSS files to be used with Stylus in the CSS folder. Currently available websites are:

  • Mastodon (classic)
  • Discord: Apply Discord-Cyberpunk-Neon.theme.css to BetterDiscord

cp Discord-Cyberpunk-Neon.theme.css ~/.config/BetterDiscord/themes/

And apply in Discord Settings


Feel free to propose your own todo things and contribute to this repository.

  • Kate color scheme
  • Redo Discord theme
  • Improve QT color scheme
  • Steam theme
  • Cursor theme


Everything in this repository is licensed under the GPL, except papirus-kolorizer script licensed under MIT.

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