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An EventGhost plugin that utilizes the Spotify Web API.
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Spotify Web API

This is a plugin for EventGhost - an advanced, easy to use and extensible automation tool for MS Windows. The plugin utilizes the Spotify Web API to (eventually) allow automation of any of Spotify's API endpoints (there are many).

How it started

Originally, this was a personal project designed to allow a shortcut for adding the currently playing song to a specific playlist. After some help and feedback on the EventGhost forums, I finished the (then) Python script that made my wish possible. I was then offered help writing a more extensive plugin, and thought it was a good idea.


GitHub is all about collaboration, and I am more than happy to receive pull requests. If you feel like you can contribute, feel free to give it a shot.

More to come

This text is very temporary, and I expect it to be updated as soon as the plugin is more polished.

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