A mobile web app for black jokes, demonstrating mobile web app best practices
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This is a mobile web app, meant to demonstrate development best practices as recommended by the W3C. It's also an actual web app for black humor, which is available at http://reallygood.co.il/jokes/

Both jokes and documentation are in Hebrew to benefit Israeli web developers (and tact-less punks).

Check out the Issues and join us :-)

Contribute to our jokes database.



  • UI works exactly like in the mockup - iOS-like tab bar, awesome CSS3 buttons and more
  • The app now uses iScroll for horizontal and vertical scrolling instead of our custom scrolling mechanism.
  • Basic desktop (Chrome) support with mouse wheel & gestures


  • First release ever - After around 4 hours of coding, it kinda works but still has a long way to go.

Note: In its current state, the app supports mainly touch-based devices. We'll support other devices later on.