This python script will download the raw images from Bypassing the transparent block which makes righ-clicking 'save as' not functional by downloading the raw image by parsing out the html.
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Coded by Josh Roppo

The site QuickMeme uses an annoying transparency block to make it difficult to download the raw image.  This python script will take the link to a quickmeme image page and download the raw image to the specified directory.  If no directory has been specified they will download to the current folder.

Usage via command line--
Run using Python 2.7.2, is not compatible with Python3 due to library changes.
Simply download image(For now):
./ <url to image page, tiny links work as well!>

Set download directory(Creates setup.txt to store directory info for later use):
./ -todir <Full directory path, recommend use 'pwd'>

Download a quickmeme image(Simple setup for inclusion of other sites):
./ -qm <image page url>