Command line program to order pizza from Domino's Pizza
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Pizza Py Party 0.2


Pizza Py Party is a command-line program for ordering pizza from Domino's.
This program is largely based on the popular program Pizza Party.


This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License. You can read the
GPL.txt file to find out more about the license.


1) Download and install Python on your system. All required modules
to run this program should be included in a default Python installation.
2) Optional, place pizza-py-party somewhere in your path (ex. /usr/local/bin/) and
the man page to a proper location (ex. /usr/local/man/man1/)
3) Go to and sign up for an account.
4) Optional, place the sample pizza-py-party.conf file in your home
directory as .pizza-py-party.conf and edit the file to include your
desired default settings. Documentation on the syntax of the config
file can be found in the man page
5) Order your pizza, pay for it, and enjoy


Travis Nickles <>

Cory Arcangel ( and
Michael Frumin (mfrumin AT eyebeam DOT org) for making the original program,
Pizza Party, that inspired this program. Their code was a great reference for this
program and the documentation of this program is mainly taken from
Pizza Party. You can find information about Pizza Party at