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Implementation of a Navigation-Aware technique for Personalized Prefetching of network requests of Android apps. A description of the internals of the NAPPA approach is available in our ICSE 2019 publication.


In order to perform a Navigation-Aware prefetching, NAPPA introduces the notion of an Extended Navigation Graph. This graph is built by letting nodes represent activities, and all edges represent activity transitions within the application. The ENG plays a central role in the prefetching process by exposing prefetch enabled URLs ( What ) and by keeping track of which prefetch enabled URL Candidates are most likely to be accessed in subsequent activity transitions ( When).

Extended Navigation Graph

An URL may be composed of both static components (for example the domain name and path) and also dynamic components (such as URL parameters). The ENG addresses the challenge of identifying dynamic URL components by capturing intent extras between activity transitions. Whenever an HTTP Request is performed, NAPPA verifies if any of the extras captured on previous activity transitions corresponds to an URL component. If so, an association between an extra and its corresponding static URL components is created—this becomes a prefetch enabled URL candidate.


This repository holds all NAPPA related projects, each project is in a subdirectory. Currently, there is the core Prefetching Library and a Plugin for Android Studio. In addition to these, there is are Test Apps to demonstrate the usage of NAPPA as a prefetching approach.

NAPPA Prefetching Library

Contains an Android Studio project with the core Prefetching Library and a test app. For more details on usage, refer to its README.

NAPPA plugin for Android Studio

Contains an IntelliJ IDEA project with a plugin for Android Studio. This plugin provides running automated tasks to instrument an Android app source-code to enable NAPPA Prefetching Library. For more details on usage, refer to its README.

Test Apps

Contains a repository of sample Android apps developed with the purpose of testing NAPPA. For more details on how to test NAPPA in the available sample apps, refer to its README.

How to cite NAPPA

If NAPPA is helping your research, consider to cite is as follows, thanks!

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This software is licensed under the MIT License.


Implementation of a navigation-aware technique for personalized prefetching of network requests of Android apps








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