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This repository contains standard configurations for building the Valibox with SPIN for specific architectures and devices, as well as a build tool that performs all the steps necessary to build complete images and packages for all the supported devices.

Main intended 'features':

  • collect and store configurations without having a clone of OpenWRT-source
  • build from scratch, but also from existing checkouts
  • remember last build configuration
  • resume build if failed or stopped, possibly with slightly altered settings (like -j1 V=s)
  • options between 'build from repo' or 'build from local' (for example for spin)

Build Tool


These requirements are mostly for building OpenWRT/Openwrt itself:

  • subversion g++ zlib1g-dev build-essential git python rsync man-db
  • libncurses5-dev gawk gettext unzip file libssl-dev wget

On a Debian system you can use the following commands: sudo apt-get install python3 git-core sudo apt-get install subversion g++ zlib1g-dev build-essential git python rsync man-db sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev gawk gettext unzip file libssl-dev wget

Quick start

Check out this repository, create a separate build directory, and run the builder.

git clone
mkdir build
cd build
../valibox-spin-builder/ -b


If the build is stopped (by manual break or because of a problem), you can resume the build with the same command:

../valibox-spin-builder/ -b

You can restart the build from the first step with -r:

../valibox-spin-builder/ -r

Editing options

You can edit specific build options, such as target device, source repository branches, and verbose build by using

../valibox-spin-builder/ -e

After that, depending on the changes, you can either restart or resume the build.

Showing all build steps without executing them

If you want to review all steps that will be performed for the current configuration, you can use

../valibox-spin-builder/ --print-steps

Configuration options

There are several sections in the configuration:

  • OpenWRT: Options for building the main OpenWRT image
  • sidn_openwrt_pkgs: Options for the SIDN-specific packages
  • SPIN: Options for SPIN
  • Release: Options regarding the release you are building

Below is a full description of all options

Section Option Value type Description
OpenWRT update_git True or False Whether to do a git update before starting the build
OpenWRT source_branch <string> The branch (or commit) of the openwrt tree to build
OpenWRT target_device <name> or "all" Target device to build for, unless this is all it should be the name of one of the directories in the devices/ directory in this repository.
OpenWRT update_all_feeds True or False Whether to always update all package feeds prior to building. If False, only the sidn feed is updated
OpenWRT verbose_build True or False When true, OpenWRT is built with 'make -j1 V=s'
sidn_openwrt_pkgs update_git True or False Whether to do a git update before starting the build
sidn_openwrt_pkgs source_branch <string> The source branch or commit of the SIDN package repository to check out
SPIN local True or False Use a local checkout of the SPIN code to build, instead of a published release version
SPIN update_git True or False Whether to do a git update before starting the build
SPIN source_branch <string> The source branch of commit of SPIN to build
Release create_release True or False Whether to create the release file structure after building. This creates a new directory structure valibox_release in your build directory, containing the images and meta-information that were built.
Release version_string <version string> Version string to give to the release
Release changelog_file <filename or empty> Changelog file to include in the release. If empty, the file Valibox_Changelog.txt from this repository will be used.
Release target_directory <string> Directory to place the release directory structure in. Defaults to valibox_release
Release beta True or False If True, the release version and filenames will have -beta-<date> added to them
Release file_suffix <string or empty> An optional extra suffix for the release version and filenames


  • Building a custom local SPIN requires the SPIN source tree to have a version of create_tarball with the -n option; commits of SPIN older than 36dd2cd5 will likely fail.
  • The builder does not recognize the situation where a build option is changed that influences a step that has already been performed; if changing options does not appear to have any effect, do a full rebuild with -r


  • Perhaps make the directories that are used for the repository checkouts configurable
  • Add command-line flags for common configuration options


Configurations and tool to build Valibox+SPIN images



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