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Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)

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  1. The Swordfish API Emulator can emulate a Swordfish-based system statically or dynamically. Starting from an initial state described by mock-ups, the emulator can be used to emulate a Swordfish syst…

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  2. The Swordfish Basic Web Client can connect to one or more Swordfish services (including the Swordfish emulator), and present in a web UI frame the entire Swordfish hierarchy. The basic web client a…

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  3. The PowerShell Toolkit for Swordfish provides a basic framework for querying resources from the SNIA Swordfish API.

    PowerShell 3

  4. The Swordfish PowerBI sample dashboard integration provides a sample dashboard for the PowerBI data center monitoring system that can connect to a Swordfish service (including the Swordfish emulato…


  5. Open Source Liaison – A multi-vendor collaborative group for aligning open source projects with standards

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  6. Specification issues and source files

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