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A simple bot to safe some quick notes or reminders for you

The commands are:

  • add message: Add message to your notepad
  • rm idx: Delete the message at idx
  • rma: Clear your notepad
  • show: Show your messages
  • remindme duration [message]: Reminds you of this message for a duration (See formats below)
  • snooze [duration]: Reply to the reminder for this to snooze for a duration (Defaults to 5 minutes if not specifed)
  • reboot notepad: Reboot this bot

Valid formats for duration

You can provide duration in multiple formats. Duration currently allows you to pass weeks w, days d, hours h, and minutes m. They must be provided in order, but are all optional. See some examples below:

  • 5w4d3h2m - 5 Weeks, 4 Days, 3 Hours, and 2 Minutes
  • 4d2m - 4 Days, 2 Minutes
  • 2d - 2 Days
  • 30m - 30 Minutes
  • 30 - 30 Minutes (Backwards compatible. If no m is present, will default to minutes.)

Currently operates in the SOBotics Room on Stackoverflow. Please feel free to request additional functionality here or in chat.