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Development Protocol

  • We use semantic versioning to set the versions of the tool.
    • Most of the changes/fixes will be released as patches.
    • When new features are implemented, a new minor version will be released.
    • Major versions will be released only if the changes are too deep and/or it breaks API compatibility
    • The release of a new major/minor version will include the update of the RELEASE.md file describing the main changes
    • The current version will be specified in VERSION.md file.
  • master branch keeps the last released version of the the queries/webserver and web-client respectively.
  • Future versions are named with a trailing x for the patch part of the version. For instance, 0.4.x branch will include all the patches for 0.4 release.
  • dev branch includes extra things that are out of the scope of any branch.
  • Tags of the project keep track of previous versions.

Sending an Issue

  • Create a new issue and describe the problem/comment
  • If you are going to address the issue, create a new branch and call it following the pattern: "issue/NUMBER", where NUMBER is the number of the issue.
  • Implement the changes to address the fix/improvement in the new branch.
  • Send a pull request over master branch. Call the pull request following the pattern: "Addressing #NUMBER", where NUMBER is the number of the issue addressed.

Reviewing a Pull Request

  • If you are the release manager, you have to review the Pull Requests.
  • Check carefully the code included in the branch.
  • If required, create the WAR and deploy in the server.
  • If everything works fine:
    • Comment on the Pull Request the result of the deployment
    • If required, advance the version and update VERSION.md. If minor/major versions are modified, update the RELEASE.md. Commit/push changes to Pull Request.
    • Merge the code.
    • Accept/Close the Pull Request.
    • (Optional) Remove the branch.
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