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Documentation and Getting Started

The STIX documentation has been moved to our documentation site:

Project Information

Project information and background on STIX is available on the project homepage:


If you have any feedback on STIX:

STIX Community Calls

We try to hold STIX Community Calls on or around the second Thursday of every month. Information on each meeting is posted to the STIX Discussion List.

  • May 2014 - Call held on 5/8. no notes (We will do better to have notes in the future)
  • June 2014 - Call held on 6/12. Notes
  • July 2014 - Cancelled
  • August 2014 - Call held on 8/14. Notes
  • September 2014 - Call held on 9/11. Notes
  • October 2014 - Call held on 10/9. Notes
  • November 2014 - Call held on 11/13. Notes
  • December 2014 - Call held on 12/11. Notes
  • March 2015 - Notes

Community Pages

This is a community wiki meant to be used by the entire STIX community. Feel free to create new pages with information relevant to the community. We request that you keep marketing information or pitches for open source and commercial tools off the wiki.

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