Experimental code supporting Sonnet 7200 in Mediator bus boards (mirror of CVS development repository).
OpenEdge ABL C Assembly Makefile
Latest commit ba62a7c Jan 20, 2017 @DvdBoon DvdBoon Alignment errors are not only FPU related (also stmw for example).
Fixed a bug in the FPU opcode detection in the Alignment handler.



This project is an attempt at reimplementation of WarpOS for Sonnet Crescendo 7200 PCI cards.

The main part of the project is sonnet.library, which aims at API and ABI compatibility with WarpOS powerpc.library.

This project is in very early stage of development. Don't expect it to do anything useful (yet).


SonnetAmiga has the following hardware requirements:

  • Amiga 3000/3000T/4000/4000T.
  • ELBOX Mediator for one of the above Amiga models. 3.3V PCI power rail is necessary. Note that among big box Mediators, only 3000Di, 4000D 3V and 4000Di 3V is equipped with it by default. We're investigating if it's possible to mod the other models.
  • Sonnet Crescendo 7200 with local memory installed (up to 128 or 256MB depending on installed graphics card).
  • 3Dfx Voodoo 3, 4, 5 or ATI Radeon 9200 (ID $5960 and $5C63) graphics card.


See the "Building SonnetAmiga project from source" article on project's Wiki: https://github.com/Sakura-IT/SonnetAmiga/wiki

Automated binary builds are available from Jenkins: https://sonnet.uguu.waw.pl/jenkins/job/sonnetamiga/


We're using GitHub Issues for bug tracking: https://github.com/Sakura-IT/SonnetAmiga/issues

If you find any new bugs, please report them. Note that repository on GitHub is just a public mirror of CVS development repostiory. Therefore, if you are crazy enough to send patches, don't use GitHub Pull Requests, just make a unified diff and attach it to the issue. Or mail it.


We, the developers, are officially stating that all code interacting with Mediator boards was developed without access to the official Mediator SDK. This project is not endorsed by ELBOX in any way.