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PyUntis-Site (amazing name, I know) is an interface for PyUntis, which creates its data.


PyUntis-Site in Safari on macOS

PyUntis-Site on iOS


  • Extremely small: If you have GZIP compression enabled on your server, a full page load is just about 30 kilobytes, most of which gets cached by the browser after the first load.
  • Extremely fast: All site transitions are done with JS and CSS so the site never has to reload.
  • Responsive: The page is usable on all modern devices and dynamically resizes to fit each one.
  • Clean design: I mean, have you seen the Untis app?
  • …and also:
    • The site remembers which class's timetable you were looking at last time and highlights it in the menu to help you find it
    • You can link directly to a class's timetable link and it will Just Work™
    • Not that anyone does that still, but you can drop a bookmark on your iOS homescreen and the site will behave like a webapp


  • A web server


Just clone this repository somewhere into your web server's directory.

Open core.js and change the contents of the config variable:

var config = {
	schoolName: "My School",
	plansDir: "plans/",
	showSubstitutions: false,
	debug: false
  • You'll probably only have to change schoolName. This will be displayed in the menu header.
  • plansDir has to match the PyUntis config's plansDir value.
  • If you know with certainty that your school allows API access to substitution data, switch showSubstitutions to true.
  • debug currently just adds a new entry labeled "error" to the class selection menu. Nothing too fancy.

Installing Updates

Because the configuration currently involves modifying core.js, you'll have to stash your changes before pulling updates from the repo.

For me, updating the site goes like this:

git stash
git pull
git stash pop

Known Issues

  • Teacher names/abbreviations are currently not displayed
  • The site looks weird in older browsers
    • It looks fine in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Just use those.
  • The site doesn't have the same fonts than in the screenshots
    • On my sites (and in the screenshots), I use Eve Sans Neue, a font from the game EVE Online. I'm pretty sure it's not allowed to redistribute these, so they're not included in this repo. The site will fall back to the viewers' system fonts, where supported.
    • Check the @font-face declarations at the top of style.css to see how I load fonts and to replace them

Feedback and Support

Just tweet at me @SamusAranX or drop me a mail. Feel free to create an issue if you encounter any crashes, bugs, etc.: PyUntis-Site Issues


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