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loadeR: An R package for climate data access

Bedia, J., Iturbide, M., Herrera, S. and Gutiérrez, J.M.

loadeR is an R package for climate data access building on NetCDF Java. It allows loading local or remote data (from OPeNDAP servers) and is fully integrated with the User Data Gateway (UDG). This package has been conceived to work in the framework of both seasonal forecasting and climate change studies. Thus, it considers ensemble members as a basic dimension of the two main data structures (grid and station).

This package is part of the climate4R bundle, formed by loadeR, transformeR, downscaleR and visualizeR.

This wiki provides an up-to-date description of the package functionalities, with some worked examples:

  1. Package Installation (and known problems)
  2. Climate Model Data (grids)
    1. Dataset definition and loading local grid data
    2. Loading remote grid data
    3. Loading data from the User Data Gateway (UDG)
  3. Observations (stations or grids)
    1. Standard (ASCII) format for station data
    2. Accessing and loading station data
    3. Accessing and loading gridded data
  4. Data manipulation
    1. Harmonization
    2. Exporting to netCDF
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