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Why we recommend BlueWallet

BlueWallet is a free and open-source, Bitcoin-only wallet for mobile and Mac. Create a Bitcoin wallet and backup in a few clicks. It is easy to use, with a very gentle learning curve. The Bitcoin wallet is fully non-custodial, allowing for complete control over use of funds. Advanced features are available for enhanced usability and security. As mobile wallets go, this one is very secure.

This is a great choice for individuals that are beginning their self-custody journey or those that use Bitcoin on a daily basis.

Read about the benefits of self-custody

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  • You can use Blue Wallet in combination with all major hardware wallets.
  • It is also a custodial Lightning wallet but you can connect it to your own LND hub for greater autonomy, as well as connect it to your own Bitcoin node via an Electrum server. {% endhint %}

BlueWallet benefits and limitations

  • ✅Good security with password and biometrics
  • ✅Easy backup and recovery
  • ✅Very simple to use
  • ✅Advanced transactions features
  • ✅Beginner friendly
  • ✅Compatible with hardware wallets
  • ✅Reputable and renown
  • ✅Setup time: 30 minutes
  • ❌Not available on Linux or Windows
  • ❌Less secure than a hardware wallet

What is this all for?

  • Buying bitcoin from a non-custodial exchange.
  • Ability to transact with Bitcoin on mobile (funding exchanges, making payments).
  • Storing bitcoin with backups for long-term before upgrading to a hardware wallet.
  • Managing different wallets for different purposes.
  • Transacting easily using the QR code capabilities.


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