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ScaleDrone PHP

Official ScaleDrone PHP pushing library. This is a wrapper around the REST API.


Make sure you have composer installed.

Install it directly:

composer require scaledrone/scaledrone

Or add the following to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "scaledrone/scaledrone": "*"

Then update your dependencies:

$ php composer.phar update


Create a new instance of ScaleDrone passing it the channel_id and secret_key that you can find from the channel's page

$auth = array(
    'channel_id' => 'CHANNEL_ID',
    'secret_key' => 'SECRET_KEY'

$client = ScaleDrone\Client::create($auth);

If you wish to connect using a JSON Web Token you can set it like this:

$auth = array(
    'channel_id' => 'CHANNEL_ID',
    'bearer' => 'GENERATED_JWT'

$client = ScaleDrone\Client::create($auth);

Publishing a message

$room = 'notifications';
$message = ['email' => '', 'name' => 'php name'];
$response = $client->publish($room, $message);

Channel stats

$response = $client->channel_stats();

Getting the complete list of users from all rooms

$response = $client->members_list();

Getting the list of users in a room

$response = $client->room_members_list('roomName');

Getting the list of rooms and their members

$response = $client->all_room_members_list('roomName');

Running Tests

Clone this repository and change directories to the repository root. Install all dependencies with composer install. Then, just run vendor/bin/phpunit.