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Flutter Hack Challenge

Online Demo

Tile Animation

When clicking the tile, the tile will break at the point where the user clicks (or taps). And from this point multiple breaking lines for this tile will be generated (The number of the lines is adjustable in the settings) and then the tile will be converted to many pieces. and then there are tow types of animation ( you can choose the type from the settings)

Slide Animation

here the pieces will just slide to the new position and shape the new tile.

Explode-implode animation

here the pieces will preform an explosion animation. And after the explosion is finished a number of pieces will be generated and perfume an imploded animation to shape at the end the new tile in the new position (The explosion and implode animation duration is adjustable in the settings).

Tile Animation


  • For performance reasons on mobile devices, the tile will not break and will be animated as one piece. This behavior could be turned On/Off from the settings.
  • The tile's shape and color will be change according to the chosen background
  • While imploding, the braking point will be set to the middle of the tile.
  • Whenever a tile is in the right position a gray border will appear around it.
  • Press Space to open the settings.

Background Animation

There are three types of backgrounds in the app. On wide screen the background could be changes from the sidebar, otherwise it could be changed from the drawer.

Simple Background

Just simple colorful background, the speed of the animation could be changed from the settings.

Simple Background

Shadows animation

This Background is just a number of moving boxes that show shadows against the moving light, this light position will change with mouse position and if the running device is a mobile device, then the light position will follow the finger position or will float with the direction of the boxes.

Those properties are adjustable in the settings:

  • The boxes number
  • The boxes speed
  • The light radius
  • The length of the box shadow

 Shadows animation

Space Animation

This background will show a shining star in the middle of the screen with a number of asteroids which orbit around it, and at random positions in the screen a number of stars will glow. The number of asteroid and start is adjustable from the settings.

As asteroids orbit around the star, the whole view will rotate in vertical direction in a specific speed, which can be adjusted from the settings.

  • When the mouse on background scroll Up/Down to zoom In/Out
  • You can click and drag on the background to:
    • Up/Down: Rotate vertical
    • Left/Right: Increase/Decrease the asteroids count.

Those properties are adjustable in the settings:

  • The asteroids count.
  • The rotation speed.
  • Zoom in/out.
  • The stars count.
  • The stars fading speed.
  • The vertical rotation speed.

 Space animation

Used packages


Tested on Web, Windows and Android