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School Idol API - Users endpoint

See also: Full API Documentation


Name Type Example / Note
:white_check_mark: username String "db0"
:white_check_mark: date_joined Date yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSZ "2015-02-05T05:16:54.953324Z"
:white_check_mark: website_url URL "http://schoolido.lu/user/db0/"
accounts null / Account object To get the full accounts objects, use the parameter expand_accounts (much slower)
preferences null / Preferences objects To get the full preferences object, use the parameter expand_preferences (much slower)
links null / Array of Link object To get the full links objects, use the parameter expand_links (much slower)
is_following null / Boolean To know if the authenticated user follows this user or not, use the parameter expand_is_following (much slower)
Preferences object
Name Type Example
color Attribute choices "Smile"
description String "I own a website called [School Idol 友達](http://schoolido.lu/) and I love onigiris.
html_description String "<p>I own a website called <a href="http://schoolido.lu/">School Idol 友達</a> and I love onigiris.</p>"
best_girl String "Kousaka Honoka"
location String "San Francisco, CA"
latitude Float 37.7792768
longitude Float -122.4192704
:white_check_mark: private Boolean false
status Status choices "LOVER"
avatar URL "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/8e731f8661ed8a4549e5445ccffe388a?s=200&d=http%3A%2F%2Fschoolido.lu%2Favatar%2Ftwitter%2Fdbschoolidol"
birthdate Date yyyy-MM-dd "1991-05-30"
:white_check_mark: default_tab Tab choices "all"
Link object
Name Type Example
:white_check_mark: type Link type choices "twitter"
:white_check_mark: value String "dbschoolidol"
relevance Link relevance choices 1
icon URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/static/twitter.png"
:white_check_mark: url URL "http://twitter.com/dbschoolidol"
  • default_tab: following, all
  • links relevance: null (unspecified), 0 (Never), 1 (Sometimes), 2 (Often), 3 (Every single day)


Get the list of users

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/users/

Paginated array of User object

Optional parameters for filtering
Name Value Note
search Free search term, break terms with spaces. Will search through usernames, preferences description, preferences location, links and accounts nickname
email Exact value
preferences__status Exact value
preferences__best_girl Exact value
preferences__color Exact value
preferences__location Exact value
preferences__private True or False
liked_activity Int ID of an activity
followed_by Username
following Username
Optional parameters to get more data
Name Note
expand_accounts Will return the full Account objects in the accounts field. Much slower.
expand_preferences Will return the full Preferences object in the preferences field. Much slower.
expand_links Will return the full array of Link objects in the links field. Much slower.
expand_is_following Use this to know whether or not the authenticated user follows the user.

Get a user by username

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/users/{username}/

User object


See Get the list of users.

Authenticated methods

See also: Authentication

Get the authenticated user

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/users/me/

User object


See Get the list of users.

Follow a user

POST http://schoolido.lu/api/users/{username}/follow/
{"follow": "followed"}

No parameter.

Unfollow a user

DELETE http://schoolido.lu/api/users/{username}/follow/
{"follow": "unfollowed"}

No parameter.