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Welcome to SciChain: Science on the Blockchain

Science is the core of the modern society, bringing us a deeper understanding of the world and providing us with extraordinary tools to cure diseases, allow fast transportation and communication. We cannot put Science into words, but we can try to make the processes behind it even better, faster and more transparent.

Our team includes experienced researchers on Computer Science, Engineering and Material Physics fields, and we want to give Science a better tool for dealing with one of its most important feature: the peer-review system.

Perhaps not so many people know that, for a scientific study to be properly "accepted" as "true", it is commonly required for it to pass the peer-review system, where unknown colleagues of the same field judge the article methodology, background and results. If it passes peer-review and is published in a qualified journal, the study is considered valid and is referenced in future studies. And the chain goes on...

In order to achieve a truly transparent process in peer-review, we propose SciChain. As SciChain is build on top of NEO Blockchain (a blockchain can be seen as a public database where the defined rules are always respected), there will be no way of "cheating" in peer-review, for example, indicating known friends as reviewers, breaking the double-blind principle (what means that both the author and reviewer must not know who is each other), and many other bad actions that hurt our precious Science :'(

One the many flaws in scientific studies is also related to low reproducibility of scientific studies, since few journals are available and they usually "accept" only "new" results. Most of these journals require authors to pay for the download of each publication, what strongly undermines the capacity of the researchers (mainly in underdeveloped countries) to be updated with newer discoveries.

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Donation accepted at: AdfJSyxgpTZTGSWCnApWPA49hQG7ANVdht

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