Patches the SSL module to disable Root CA Verification
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This is a patch for the 3DS SSL module to disable Root CA Verification.

To use:

  1. Download and decrypt the SSL module (0004013000002F02), and extract its code binary to the patch directory as "code.bin"
  2. Run make.
  3. Copy to sdcard:/luma/titles/0004013000002F02/code.bin.
  4. Enable Game Patching under Luma3DS's configuration.

You may also need to send ClCertA as a client certificate. Unclear on that. A copy is included as a .p12 resource, with the password 3ds.

NOTE: As of May 01, 2017, Luma3DS doesn't actually support patching system modules. You'll need to comment out the check on that line (if(CONFIG(PATCHGAMES)) will do fine), and rebuild luma manually to use.

I consider this to be a feature, not a bug, because having this installed will make it so that anyone can steal your 3ds's private information over the network because it makes all of your SSL requests insecure.

That said, it's very useful for MitM debugging of how the 3DS communicates with its servers.