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This project was exported from the original Google Code Location. The purpose is to publish an artifact to Maven Central. The repository has been changed to build with sbt instead of Maven.

To run the tests, download and unzip the .db file into the config directory. Alternatively, you can run sbt download-database which will accomplish the same.

The original author is Hideki Shima. Below is the original README:


Please see the file

Thank you for downloading JAWJAW (

This software provides API for the NICT Japanese WordNet (


Before using JAWJAW, make sure to download and put the NICT WordNet DB file under the data directory (i.e. src/main/resources/wnjpn-0.9.db), and specify the correct name in the config file at src/main/config/jawjaw.conf


You can verify that the preparation is correctly done by running JUnit test cases.

Test cases: src/test/*

Maven command: mvn test

Launch file for Eclipse + m2eclipse: launches/JAWJAW_JUnitTestAll.launch


See working examples in the following files.


  • src/main/java/edu/cmu/lti/jawjaw/demo/
  • src/main/java/edu/cmu/lti/jawjaw/demo/

Test cases: src/test/*


(A) Create a jar file including wordnet db and depended jar files (recommended for using JAWJAW from other Java projects)

Maven command: mvn package assembly:single

Launch file for eclipse + m2eclipse: launches/JAWJAW_package_with_dependency.launch

Output jar file (may need a refresh on the directory): target/jawjaw-jar-with-dependencies.jar

(B) Create a jar file including wordnet db but NOT including depended jar files (recommended for using JAWJAW with WS4J)

Maven command: mvn install

Launch file for eclipse + m2eclipse: launches/JAWJAW_package_m2e.launch

Output jar file (may need a refresh on the directory):

  • target/jawjaw.jar (not including sqlite-jdbc)
  • target/jawjaw-jar-with-dependencies.jar (including sqlite-jdbc)

Related Project

Please also see our sister project WS4J (WordNet Similarity for Java).

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