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Attempting to get 6.0 out.
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-- Economy based core plugin for bukkit


@in-progress Implement better Logging system
@todo Implement better upgrade system for templating.


@done Clean-up Configuration file. (Tues, June 28th)
@done Add more intuitive commenting to Configuration file. (Tues, June 28th)


@done Finish money command with optional #name parameter. (Thur, June 23rd)

-- sub commands of /money
@done Finish #set command (Fri, June 24th)
@done Finish #give command (Mon, June 27th)
@done Finish #take command  (Mon, June 27th)
@done Finish #create command (Fri, June 24th)
@done Finish #remove command (Fri, June 24th)


@done Integrate MiniDB as flatfile (Tues, June 21st)
@done Database table creation & checks on startup. (Mon, June 27th)
@todo Creation of Interest & Transactions
@in-progress Test SQL Based database systems.
@done Implement Item based database.

Single Database Tests

@done Test MiniDB
@done Test MySQL
@in-progress Test SQLite
@in-progress Test H2DB
@todo Test PostgreSQL
@todo Test ItemDB
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