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Curated list of awesome Senzing software and resources. Inspired by other awesome sites.


  1. Documentation
  2. Mapper
  3. Resources
  4. Features and bugs
  5. Other awesome sites


Documentation on Senzing usage.

  1. Promoted articles - Promoted articles.
  2. Senzing API for Developers - Senzing API for Developers.
  3. postgresql-performance - Tweaks to PostgreSQL and the Senzing DDL
  4. rabbitmq-performance - Tweeks to RabbitMQ
  5. video - Videos available at


Convert industry standard formats to Senzing-ready format.

  1. mapper-base - Base functions used to map a variety of formats to a Senzing-acceptable format.
  2. mapper-csv - Exemplar artifacts (files) that can be used in other Senzing repositories.
  3. mapper-dnb - Map DNB format to Senzing format.
  4. mapper-dowjones - Map Dow Jones Watchlist format to Senzing format.
  5. mapper-icij - Map ICIJ format to Senzing format.
  6. mapper-leie - Map US HHS LEIE to Senzing format.
  7. mapper-nomino - Map Nomino format to Senzing format.
  8. mapper-npi - Map NPPES NPI Registry to Senzing format.
  9. mapper-ofac - Map OFAC to Senzing format.
  10. mapper-openc - Map Open Corporate into Senzing format.
  11. mapper-opensanctions - Map Open Sanctions into Senzing format.
  12. mapper-sayari-spark - Map Sayari's global corporate data into Senzing format.


Non-code information.

  1. awesome - Curated list of awesome software and resources for Senzing, The First Real-Time AI for Entity Resolution.
  2. senzing-entity-specification - Complete Senzing Entity Specification and Attribute Dictionary.
  3. - Organization site at

Features and bugs

How to request new features and bug fixes.

  1. Request bug fix
  2. Request new feature in existing repository
  3. Request new feature

Other awesome sites

Our thanks to those who blazed the 'awesome' trail before us.