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Player/Stage client for Smalltalk
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PlayerST is a client library for the Player/Stage robotic device server. This library allows the use of Smalltalk as a client for Player. PlayerST has been developed by Serge Stinckwich (UMMISCO) and IA department of Ecole des Mines de Douai. This software is available under the open-source MIT licence.

In order to run PlayerST, you need to install Player 2.1.2 and Stage 2.1.1 on your platform. More recent of Player/Stage might be work.

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How to install PlayerST with Metacello

Metacello new
  baseline: 'PlayerST';
  repository: 'github://SergeStinckwich/PlayerST:baseline';

See the Metacello installation instructions for details on installing Metacello.

How to install PlayerST with SS3

  • Download the last Pharo 1.4 image

  • Use SS3 repository:

  Gofer new
    repository: '';
    package: 'PlayerST';

How to install PlayerST with github

  • Download the last Pharo 1.4 image

  • Bootstrap FileTree:

  Gofer new
    url: '';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfFileTree';
  ((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfFileTree) project version: '1.0') load.
  • Clone this repository:
  mkdir PlayerST
  cd PlayerST
  git clone
  • Attach to filetree repository and load latest packages (use correct path to your filetree download/clone):
repo := 'Add you repo path here'.
Gofer new
    repository: (MCFileTreeRepository new directory: 
                    (FileDirectory on: repo));
    package: 'PlayerST';
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