@paronne paronne released this Nov 6, 2017 · 61 commits to master since this release

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Release Notes

  • svySystem: the first param "warName" has been removed from the method getSolutionDeepLinkNGClient. The method now has 3 params (solutionName, methodName, args) instead of 4 (warName, solutionName, methodName, args)
  • svyApplicationCore added removeDataBroadcastListener, fireDataBroadcastEventAfterRecordInsert, fireDataBroadcastEventAfterRecordUpdate, fireDataBroadcastEventAfterRecordDelete
  • svyJSUtils: added round(number, precision) and arrayDiff(array1, array2)
  • svyDataUtils: added selectRecord(foundset, record) and selectRecordByPks(foundset, pk1, pk2, ...)
  • svyDateUtils: added getWorkingDays(startDate, endDate, nonWorkingDays, exceptions), a Duration object and createDurationFromDates(start, end)
  • svySystem: added getSystemProperties() and getClientId()
  • svyJSUtils: added stringPadLeft()
  • svyJSUtils: added stringPadRight()
  • few minor fixes

@pruhsert pruhsert released this Aug 3, 2017 · 3 commits to develop since this release

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This release adds

  • svyUtils$NGClient: helper methods specific to NG client
  • svyDataUtils: added parseCSV() method using PapaParse
  • svyLogManager: added support for line number and method name using %l and %M in patterns
  • svyCustomDialogs: added showSelectDialog() method
  • svyUI: implemented getContainedForms() and getContainerElements()
  • Several minor bug fixes and enhancements

@paronne paronne released this Nov 24, 2014 · 191 commits to develop since this release

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First svyUtils release. The release includes the following modules:

  • svyUtils
  • svyUtils$Excel
  • svyUtils$logManagerAppenders
  • svyUtils$smartClient
  • svyUtils$unitTest
  • svyUtils$webClient
  • svyUtils_demo

download the svyUtils-1.0.0.zip archive and import the .servoy files into workspace