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MWOSD firmware for OSD

The latest pre-built consumer release of MWOSD can be installed directly from within the GUI configurator for ease of installalation.

MWOSD GUI configurator

  • The GUI for configuring MWOSD is available to purchase for a nominal fee here.
  • GUI PC client versions can be downloaded from here

Support or Contact

Support for MWOSD comes from the growing community of users and supporters. Their feedback and assistance is recognised and essential to the success of MWOSD. Before calling on their support, please help yourself and check the documentation first:

  • Wiki
  • Install Guide
  • User Guide
  • Calibration
  • FAQ
  • Full documentation list

If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please raise your issue at the FPV Lab community support

Beta test programme

Please join in and help by testing and providing feedback on the latest development

Historical MWOSD release downloads are available here:

MWOSD downloads page