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Index page for Common Lisp portability libraries and their current support status
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Please see the full site


This is a metadata project to document the coverage of portability libraries across the many Lisp implementations. It was created in the hopes that this would allow people a quicker overview of non-standard features and encourage people to contribute to the projects and implementations and close the gaps.


Please see the data.lisp file. All the data should be in there and follow this format:

 :link ""
 :description "A short explanation of what it makes portable"
 :support (:supported-implementation
            :completeness 0.8                      ; How much of the API is supported (approx.)
            :notes "Some caveat notes")))          ; Notes on what is not supported / other quirks

If there is a new library, please contribute a corresponding entry. If you are the maintainer of a library and notice that your entry is outdated, please send a PR with an update. You should be able to directly edit the file on GitHub to make that convenient.


If you have SBCL, simply call make. Otherwise, (load "make.lisp") and call (make).

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