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⚛︎ To share knowledge and have fun.
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Shopee React Knowledgeable

👹 You may be looking for the Singapore chapter of React Knowledgeable, the talks repo is here. 👹


To share knowledge and have fun.

React Knowledgeable is a talk series focusing on technology, ideas, and experiences as a React developer at Shopee.

We happen every Friday in our last working hour. This means 1800 nearly most Fridays, 1700 some Fridays. We skip public holidays or collisions with other company events that land on Fridays.

Quick dials

Speaking at <RK />

Create an issue at our repo and follow the issue template.

Note Your talk title must contain an emoji.

Guest Visits

Albeit we are an internal sharing, we welcome guests to come hear what we have to share, give a talk, or just to chill out. We take this as valuable opportunities to learn from each other. Please do not refrain yourself from raising requests to visit.

If you'd like to speak, please follow this link to create an issue for your talk. Speaking is not mandatory for your visit, but if you'd like to, we'll create slot for you. Our talks are between lightning (7 mins) and featured (30 mins) in duration.

If you'd like to just visit, please comment in the weekly issue so that we can check you in.

To learn about the schedules and agendas for upcoming events, check out our talks and weekly issues.

In the rare occasion where the talks are not suitable to be open and when we are unable to accommodate external guests, we will mark the event as private. As a courtesy to Shopee, please do not use this as an opportunity for hiring.

To guarantee your access to the events, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the talk starts so that we can check you in our office. Please take note of the event time (most starts at 1800, some at 1700, check the issue for details).


Any participants, including internal team members, speakers and guests, are required to agree to our Code of Conduct.

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