How To: Use New Relic with Dashing

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New Relic can regulary ping your Dashing installation and provide uptime and performance statistics. If you deploy to Heroku this can be handy because it will wake up your app and prevent it from sleeping after 1 hour (most of the time) and also report on when it goes off line for system maintenance etc.

Dashing is based on Sinatra so the following document provides some general information about this process:

To instrument your Dashing implementation with a New Relic Ruby agent:

  1. Add: gem 'newrelic_rpm' to your $DASHING_HOME/Gemfile then run: bundle install

  2. Edit $DASHING_HOME/ and add: require 'newrelic_rpm'

  3. Create $DASHING_HOME/config directory and add your downloaded newrelic.yml file

  4. Edit the newrelic.yml file to add your app_name and any other settings

  5. Restart Dashing and check for the newrelic_agent.log file. Enable Auditing to view what is being sent to New Relic.

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