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Why use Dashing when there are plenty of cloud based dashboards out there?

Good question! There are tons of great options available, such as Geckoboard, Dashku, and Ducksboard. However, each have their own limitations.

At Shopify, we needed our dashboards to:

  • Use our own authentication. Many online platforms give you private URLs to your dashboards. Those can be tricky to remember, and can accidentally fall in the wrong hands. With Dashing, you can add whatever auth you want. We use Google Auth.
  • Be completely customizable. We didn't want to be limited by the widgets that are available on other platforms. We also wanted all of our code to be in version control, and editable in whatever IDE we want.
  • Keep instances of the same widget in sync. Many online dashboards give unique ids for every widget instance you create. This means that if you want to update 3 identical widgets showing 'daily sales', you'll need to use the API to push the value to all 3 instances. With Dashing, identical widgets all have the same id, meaning less duplication, and complete synchrony across all dashboards.

Getting Started

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Additional Widgets

Here's a list of awesome widgets you can include in your dashboards. Feel free to add your own!

How To's

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