A library to set up key bindings in tech mods.
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Starbound Keybinds

Easily bind functions to one or more input methods.

Note: Parts of this README may be moved to the Wiki in the future to keep everything neat and tidy.

Table of Contents


Mod pack

This file ensures that, as long it is present in your mods folder, the library will be loaded and will be available in other scripts. It allows this mod to be used as a dependency in other mods, if these other mods don't include a copy of the script.

  • Place the Keybinds.pak file in your mods folder (eg. D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods\).

Stand-alone script

This script can be included in your own mod. This way, users don't have to install the Keybinds library themselves to use your mod.

  • Place the script in /<yourMod>/scripts/. The file name should remain keybinds.lua.

Note that bundled versions may conflict. For example, an outdated version in another mod may be used instead of the updated version in your mod, due to how mods are loaded. Keybinds will log a message indicating what version of the mod is loaded.
To work around this issue, you could place the script in a different location and use that location instead.

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Before you can create keybinds in your script, you'll first have to load the library.

  • At the top of your script, add require "/scripts/keybinds.lua".

To create a keybind, use the below function anywhere in your script. When a keybind is created, it will automatically activate.
You can press on any of the function parameters for more information.

Bind.create(syntax, func, repeatable)


Default syntax for one key: key=value. Please note the following:

  1. Every input key and value pair should be separated with a space.
    "specialOne down"
  2. Key and value in a pair should be separated with =.
    "specialOne=true down=true up=false"
  3. The value is optional. By default, true will be set if no value is specified. ⋅⋅* Note that keys which don't accept a boolean will not work without a value.
    "specialOne down up=false"
  4. Keys are case-insensitive.
    "facingDirection=1" equals "facingdirection=1".

You can also pass a table instead of a formatted string. Every parameter must include a value here, though.

{specialOne = true, right = true, up = false}
{aimOffset = {10, 10}, aimRelative = {25,20} }


When the current game input matches the arguments of a created and active keybind, the function will be called. You can either pass a function that's already defined, or declare an anonymous function.
Keep in mind that function parameters are not supported.

function myFunction() sb.logInfo("You pressed the F key!") end
Bind.create("specialOne", myFunction)
Bind.create("specialTwo", function() sb.logInfo("You pressed the G key!") end)


This value indicates whether the keybind should activate only once (false), or every game tick as long as the current game input matches the arguments of the keybind (true). Defaults to false.
Note that a keybind will reset once one or more input options of it no longer match the current game input. This means the keybind Bind.create("specialOne", func, false) will trigger once every time the f key is pressed down.

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Syntax Options

For every input option, please refer to the documentation of it's value type. The descriptions are based on the default keyboard configuration of the game.

Key Type Description
up boolean True while holding w.
left boolean True while holding a.
down boolean True while holding s.
right boolean True while holding d.
primaryFire boolean True while holding down the left mouse button.
altFire boolean True while holding down the right mouse button.
shift boolean True while holding down shift.
onGround boolean True while standing on the ground.
running boolean True while actively running.
walking boolean True while actively walking (running while holding shift).
jumping boolean True while holding space.
facingDirection float -1 while facing left. 1 while facing right.
liquidPercentage float Value between 0 and 1, indicating what percentage of your hitbox is submerged.
position vec2 World position of your character in blocks.
aimPosition vec2 Position of your cursor on the world, in blocks.
aimRelative vec2 aimPosition relative to position.
specialOne boolean True while holding the first tech action key (PlayerTechAction1).
specialTwo boolean True while holding the second tech action key (PlayerTechAction2).
specialThree boolean True while holding the third tech action key (PlayerTechAction3).
aimOffset vec2 Value indicating how far position, aimPosition and aimRelative may be off. With no value set, the default value 2,2 is used.
An example: "aimRelative=20,25 aimOffset=2,10"
If your relative aim is (21, 17), the result would be true.
time float Value indicating how long the other input options should match before running the function. Note that this time is not used as an interval when repeatable is set to true; the function will still be called every tick.

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Value Types


true or false

Bind.create("specialOne=true, up=false", myFunction)


Any positive or negative number. Decimals are allowed, but may not work in certain input options.

Bind.create("facingDirection=1", myFunction)


Two floats, separated with a comma.

Bind.create("position=100,200 aimOffset=10,10", myFunction)

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Bind Object

The Bind.create function returns a bind object, that you can manipulate with the functions described below.

-- Create a bind
local bind = Bind.create(args, f, repeatable)
-- Set new input options.
bind:change(newArgs, f, repeatable)
-- Set repeatable to true. Nil values are ignored; the old values will be kept.
bind:change(nil, nil, true)
-- Swap the functions of both binds. Input options and repeatable remain untouched.
-- Unbind; make the binding inactive. Doesn't alter bindings that are already inactive.
-- Rebind; make the binding active. Doesn't alter bindings that are already active.

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Potential Issues

  • Multiple tech scripts can bind the same keys. This is actually a double-edged sword, since there may be scenarios where you'd want multiple actions bound to the same key.

Further issues or possible improvements can be found on the Issues page.

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If you have any suggestions or feedback that might help improve this mod, please do create a new Issue.
You can also create pull requests and contribute directly to the mod!

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