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Report Garbage Collection stats using Prometheus

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This module has a peer dependency on prom-client. Currently, 10-14 is supported.

Note that version 12 and up of prom-client comes with GC metrics out of the box, so this module might not be needed. See this comment.

This module follows the same API as the core default metrics. To start collection GC stats, invoke the exported function to create the metrics, then invoke the returned function to start the collecting.

The exported function takes a single parameter, which is a registry. If provided, and the version of prom-client you use support it, that is the registry which the metrics will register to. If no registry is provided it will use the default one provided by prom-client.


const prometheus = require('prom-client');
const gcStats = require('prometheus-gc-stats');

const startGcStats = gcStats(prometheus.register); // gcStats() would have the same effect in this case


The module doing the GC stats collecting is gc-stats. This module requires native dependencies. If the stats don't show up, make sure to check npm's install log for failures.

Metrics exposed

This module exposes 3 metrics:

  1. nodejs_gc_runs_total: Counts the number of time GC is invoked
  2. nodejs_gc_pause_seconds_total: Time spent in GC in seconds
  3. nodejs_gc_reclaimed_bytes_total: The number of bytes GC has freed

You can add a prefix to metric names using options:

const startGcStats = gcStats(prometheus.register, {
  prefix: 'my_application_',


Thanks to @tcolgate for the original implementation.