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SimpleITK: a simplified layer build on top of the Insight Toolkit (ITK), intended to facilitate its use in rapid prototyping, education and interpreted languages.

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The goal of SimpleITK is to provide an abstraction layer to ITK that enables developers and users to access the powerful features of the Insight Toolkit in a more simplified manner. SimpleITK's goal is to provide a simple layer to ITK's complicated C++ templeted API to be easily wrap-able in several languages including:

Wrapping is accomplished through SWIG, in principle, any language wrapped by SWIG should be applicable to SimpleITK.

SimpleITK is licensed under the Apache License in the same way as ITK.


SimpleITK uses the Git distributed version control system. The main repository is hosted on and mirrored to Github. There are two main branches, master and next. The "master" is a stable branch of the code, and suitable for most users, while "next" contains future features that are unlikely to be stable.

Documentation in maintained in Doxygen. Development instructions are also on this site. There is also the Wiki with additional information. SimpleITK requires a recent build of ITK v4, but this can be automatically build along side SimpleITK with the SuperBuild cmake build.

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