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Advanced JavaScript™ desktop / web-page-plug-in tool delivering all the color you can handle, designed by and for professional digital media developers.

Both desktop and server versions are cross-platform, and work with any modern browser that has up-to-date standards (FireFox®, Chrome®, Edge®, Safari®, Opera®, etc.) on any computer: just HTML, JavaScript™, and CSS. No executable-programs to install in your computer! The server version uses only one (1) short index.php file to manage upload and facilitate download of the color-table-palettes data (and it can easily be replaced with one in another programming language). (Also a few other optional PHP files deliver handy tools for the project). No external dependencies! No package manager to worry with! No bootstrapping! Just unzip and go!

Supports unique needs of digital media formats. Colorblind-assistants in the RainbowMaestro™ harmonic-color-picker and the MyPalette interface help choose colors that are compatible with each-other for full color-sighted people and colorblind people. The MyPalette interface allows users to build thier own color-table-palettes, give each color a descriptive name, group them into sub-palettes, and save/retrieve them for future use or export them as CSS or GIMP palette files, allowing complete and simple management of all colors used throughout an entire project. And much more...

SoftMoon WebWare’s MasterColorPicker™ package delivers a Color-Space Lab, five JavaScript™ powered professional quality interactive graphical color-pickers, plus a named-color-table based color-picker framework with nine named-color database files included: ANSI, Brewer, common, Crayola®, CSS, Material Design, OpenOffice, universal, & X11. Your chosen colors can be returned in the most popular color-space models including hexadecimal-RGB, RGB, HSL, HSV/HSB, HCG, HWB, or CMYK, or when using named-colors their names can also be returned. The different graphical color-pickers each look at the different available color-spaces in a different way, giving you complete intuitive control over finding the exact color you want. Best of all, you can work with one color-space graphically, while outputting the corresponding conversion value from another color-space. The five interactive graphical color-pickers included are:

RainbowMaestro Harmonic Color Picker™ Specializes in color-harmony, shows light/dark tints/tones/shades (monochromatic) of a selected hue and its complement, triadic complements, split-complements, and analogous colors, all in one color-wheel. Includes a “websafe colors” setting; Colorblind assistant shows protan, deutan, & tritan simulations of the palette and selected color.

Spectral Progressive Color Picker™ Shows the progression of colors in steps based on the RGB color-space. Works with browsers as far back as Internet Exploder 6. (note however, this project overall does not any longer support any version of MSIE, although early versions even supported IE9+)

BeezEye Color Picker™ Classic color-wheel shows HSL, HSV/HSB, HCG, and CMYK color-spaces (one at a time) with user-controlled Lightness/Brightness/Gray/Black.

Simple² Color Picker™ Works with the HSL and HSV/HSB color-spaces (both at once) to bring you simple access to the tints/tones/shades of any color (hue) from the “pure” (fully-chromatic) color to →black, →white, and →gray.

YinYang NíHóng Color Picker™ Another classic style, delivers all of the 11,777,216 colors your 24-bit monitor can show within two easy clicks using either the HSL, HSV/HSB or HCG color-spaces.

All these graphical color pickers, except for the YinYang NíHóng color picker, are designed to show colors in definite “steps” of progression, allowing you to easily work with gradients (see our Rainbow-Maker projects) and find “matching” colors from other hues/tints/tones/shades. The number of steps, or variety of colors, is user-controllable in real-time, from just a few to “high resolution”.

See the working demo at: (no ads, no cookies, no tracking, no b.s!)


Advanced JavaScript color picker tool delivers all the color you can handle. ColorBlind Assistant included. Supports unique needs of digital media formats.








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