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Example of dockerized Dotnet Core multi project solution with Docker instructions
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Docker dotnet core multiple projects solution example

Example .NET Core solution with docker image build from project referencing other projects. Dockerfile and other configuration written according to SoftwareDeveloper.Blog post with Docker introduction.

Feel free to ask a question using issue, create a pull request with enhancements and star repository if you find it helpful :)

Building image

From root directory (where solution file - Docker-dotnet-core-multi-project-solution.sln is stored) run Docker build command:

docker build -f Aspnetcoreapp/Dockerfile -t aspnetcoreapp .

Running container

To run container for the first time, type Docker run command:

docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name my-running-application aspnetcoreapp

Stopping container

To stop running container run Docker stop command:

docker stop my-running-application

Starting stopped container

To start container which was stopped, type Docker start command:

docker start my-running-application
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