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Install using composer.

Silex 2.x

composer require sorien/silex-pimple-dumper "~2.0"

Silex 1.x

composer require sorien/silex-pimple-dumper "~1.0"


$app->register(new Sorien\Provider\PimpleDumpProvider());

The service will write the container dump file to Composer's parent directory (vendor/../pimple.json) by default. Set the dump.path pimpledump.output_dir parameter if you need to specify the output directory path.

  • Example: $app['pimpledump.output_dir'] = '/tmp'

A container dump can be manually invoked by making a GET request to http://your_project/_dump or, if provided, the route path pattern specified by the pimpledump.trigger_route_pattern parameter.

  • Example: $app['pimpledump.trigger_route_pattern'] = '/_dump_pimple'

If you are in a dev enviroment ($app['debug'] = true) the service will automatically dump the container during shutdown if it wasn't done earlier within the lifecycle.