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The Sponge Schematic Format Specification

The goal of the Sponge Schematic Format is to improve upon the previous MCEdit Schematic Format to provide better forward compatibility and improve inter compatibility between different versions, platforms, and varyingly modded environments. This format may be used to serialize regions of a minecraft world to disk to be placed back into the world later. It supports all types of modded blocks and block states as well as serializing Entities and TileEntities with the block data.

The format specification is NOT intended to represent schematics as objects for use in consumer applications, it is a specification for the storage of a schematic. As such, many object types are specified to be as optimized as possible when used in storage.

Current Version - 3

The current version of the Sponge Schematic Specification is 3 - and can be found here.


Version Date Changes
3 2021-05-04 - Change support for 3D Biomes
- Clarify some wording on varint support
2 2019-05-08 - Add Entities
- Add Biomes
- Add DataVersion per Minecraft versions
- Change TileEntities to BlockEntities for BlockEntity objects.
- Remove ContentVersion from various objects
1 2016-08-23 Initial Version


Schematic Format Specification for Minecraft


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